Habitech offers a skilled flat roofing service for outhouses, sheds, and garages for customers throughout Essex. The problems associated with flat roofing are no longer prevalent due to the quality of flat roofing increasing significantly, which means that issues such leakage are no longer a problem.

By using fibreglass roofing, our flat roofing not only looks seamless and elegant, but they require almost no maintenance. I have complete confidence in the quality of the fibreglass roofing that is installed. With a wealth of experience in the installation of these roofs, you can expect a flat roof that has lifespan that outstrips any other type of flat roofing.

Before any installation, I will be happy to sit with you to discuss the benefits of our flat roofing. During this visit, I will inspect the area that needs to be flat roofed and then provide you with a no obligation quote for the work.